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Tianjin Betty a brief introduction of new energy technology co., LTD

      Tianjin Betty new energy technology co., LTD was established in December 9, 2010, is China baoan group, shenzhen bay, new energy materials co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary.
      Tianjin Bert and positioning of new energy technology co., LTD is the production, research and development, sales, lithium-ion battery materials, this project according to market demand and corporate strategy development plan, establish the lithium battery materials mesophase carbon microspheres construction project, the project is located in tianjin baodi low-carbon industrial zone, the project covers an area of 333.8 mu, a registered capital of 80 million yuan, with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan.Core manufacturing base in which to invest 1 billion yuan, the headquarters and r&d investment of 800 million yuan, main research, development, production and sales of middle carbon microspheres, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate and mesophase battery materials such as carbon.Project construction of two phases, the first phase of officially completed and put into production in 12 years on September 28, the first phase of the project total investment 460 million yuan, built a production line, the annual output of 5000 tons of mesophase carbon microspheres is currently China's largest and highest degree of automation of production line, the carbon microspheres by the national development and reform commission awarded the "2012 key industries and technical transformation project" and the support.This production line is completed, as Mr Terry baodi industrial park into the world's largest, most professional power and energy storage battery material base laid a solid foundation, at the same time, we will at the same time high level to build the corresponding technology research and development centers, waving the banner of "leading science and technology to promote industry development", for the development of new energy materials into a steady stream of power. 
      In recent years the company always adhere to product development, cost reduction, hope in the future of the power battery industry a strong strategic position.Since 2000, the company has established a number of technology innovation, from the aspects of cost, performance, market demand, the formation of power battery material the characteristics of "specialized, and strong", due to the material performance is excellent, has occupied 70% of the domestic middle market phase carbon microspheres.< br / > & have spent& have spent& have spent& have spent& have spentMr Terry will always take "customer value maximization" as the enterprise continues to grow, continuously exceed the source!With "quality, cost, speed" as the enterprise survival!In order to "energy ascending life" as the enterprise mission!Mr Terry believes that only the symbiotic, only win-win situation, to really win!Can only make the enterprise customer value evergreen!Only innovation, only open, just have the future!


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